Saturday, 16 June 2012


We were so close, 
so close that I could hear her breathing, sense the warm air leaving her sharply featured nose.
 I could hear her heart, pounding…or was it mine….dhag dhag …dhag dhag…..
the beat fastening and loudening every second that passed. I eyed her face, every feature so closely, for before I never had. I could see her eye balls and sensed that she was doing the same for she never came that close too. 
Both of us knew something is about to happen, something we both wanted for so long. We both were thirsty and there was no water around. And then as if we knew what the thirst was and how could it be vindicated.

 The place was drowned in total darkness, pitch black surrounding, but I could still see her, sense her ……was she able to see me ? Yes I guess so , a slight ray of light enlightened her very being from somewhere. Everything was working so perfectly, on its own, as something wanted us this way, all these years it held us together and now here it was. 
Both of us right there in front of each other with hardly an inch of gap between us. And who wanted that, distances had already played their part a lot. I looked into her deep eyes, and had a glance of her. Both of us now so close…..hearts beating ……dhag dhag…dhag dhag ….pace and intensity increasing more and more …..our eyes matched for a second, as if they were asking, saying and getting things answered at the same time. As if it were gestures that ...…yes it is the time ……….our hands motioned ….and the moment they did, I knew somewhere deep inside that something terrible is coming. 
Something we both did not want….!!!

“Sir its 0400, your watch time….!!”

And there it was …………

kia………wt ……… acha, han thek hai … up .., coming right away”

And unwillingly, annoyed, half heartedly he forced himself out of his bunk where he just slept after long working hours of a hectic and tiring day, as they were out at sea. Got in to blues, splashed cold water on his face, filled coffee in his mug and there he was again …determined to do his duty.

It’s always the Reality that has to be valued …..and dreams …..dreams what you wish to value, wishes mostly driven by lust and thirst.

Jerk your heads and believe in reality, dream only for what can be valued in reality rest is to be splashed by the cold water. It is the price which you have to pay for your glory.JJ  

Chal oth kaam kar zyada khuwab naa dekh …! 


  1. u actually think of dreams as lust?*Raised eyebrow*
    you caught me by surprise wid thix one....

  2. i don;t agree wishes mostly driven by lust and thirst... sometimes it's the interest/desire what we have about.

  3. well the writing doesn't sum up all the WISHES or DREAMs , its just one aspect of it. You see that is the entire point of writing, determine the right from the wrong, the right wish, actually becomes your aim...totally different topic. In simple words don't let the negativity surround you..!