Monday, 3 December 2012


I can’t stop it coming out here. 
Not that I didn’t try ignoring my thoughts, diverting my attention, every time turning off my laptop before I could go on writing this piece.
It might appear useless to you, complicated to some and confused thoughts to others.
It might offend you to.
You might think of me as an extremist….. jahil……ignorant….or pass comments like
“Why is he being soo much judgmental….Samajta kia hai ye apnay aap ko
Well so you can just stop reading it right now. Because the entire writing is pushed by thought of SHIA-SUNNI and and Islamic month of Muharram.
Now you might be the one going under black out during first 10 days or of the other colored group throwing pinching messages on the first one.
Whom I belong too?
“None of the above, Am just a Muslim”
huh, aya bari Moulvi, Astagfar…kia ool fol likha hai, Namaz kabbi parhi nae tw yahi haal ho ga na”. Don’t ask me who said this to me.
Yes I am not very good practicing Muslim and in addition to that I have an irritating habit of questioning………questioning too much.
Name: Muhammad Abdullah
Father’s Name: Muhammad Afzal
Religion: Islam
Sect:    ?
I was too young at that time to understand this. So I asked my father.
“Abu ye kia hai”?
“beta yahan ****** likh do” My father nominated a Sect for me.
par abu g ham tw Musal-maan hain na
I proudly said that. Though at that age I didn’t know anything about the world power politics, but somehow even at that age my inside always felt soo proud of being a Muslim.
 So proud of belonging to a Muslim family.
So proud of being a member of one Muslim Umma………
And then over the years I learned that the word ONE has multiplied. And that we all are stamped in our Bio data forms in one of these. And then our entire lives we are made to believe and groomed to defend our bio data forms. There is so much coming out, so much already has been discussed and debated.
And All of it useless and waste of time.
So why can’t we let it be the past. Why should we follow traditions and customs which have been formulated to divide us.
Can’t we just follow one straight line, gather under one flag, one platform, one forum, be one ……ONE UMMA. Make ourselves proud of being ONE. Powerful enough to protect every part of our body……body of entire Muslim Ummah.
Yes this is how I take this. This division……
You do remember that childhood stories of unity ……
“Try to break 7 sticks altogether…
You can’t do that ?
Ok break them one by one …..
See, if you get divided you become vulnerable to breakage”
It seems that whoever planted the seed of this division, is now enjoying the fruit of it. And it does not matter really that what has been infused in our religion, to be practiced to cause our division. What matters is that we have been made to believe in it. And believes are not easy to just give away like that, believes are foundation of your entire life… can you just give them away on some ones advice.
Come on go die for it.
Yes this is what we do………we can die in a bomb blast during religious celebrations and traditions and rallies and what not.
But we hardly get up for five time Namaz to make our Masajid populated.
We will spend thousands on flags, banners, lights, strange looking minarets, and what not 
But we will hardly hold hand of a poor to come along.
Shia …sunni par aa kar phattay ga
Sunni par aa kar phattay ga
Par dono mil kar israel mai nahein phattay gain …..india mai nae phattain gay …..billions of non muslims hain unko kuch nae kahain gay…rather wahan ja kar gooray ka bathroom saaf kar b khush rahain gay …..

Par yahan ………..
Isn’t it very simple that the entire strength of Muslim Ummah lays under one flag, unity. Five times a day we are to remind ourselves the same thing that we are ONE. And our enemies don’t want us to stand together. They want us to fight internally so that we can never stand up against them. So that when we are spending millions on security to defend one group of brothers from the other, they could laugh at us. And that we are ensuring their evil plans to ripe.
So for a while ….just for a while…..why can’t we just quit practicing whatever divides us. Whatever is different between us. Stop putting in Sect: ----------- column in every bio data form. Stop putting special names and identities……stop doing all this crap.
I strongly and firmly believe that there is still a lot on which we all believe as one. A lot to practice, and if we only do that and only practice on which we stand as one (like NAMAZ, ROZA, ZAKAT, DON’T LIE, BE KIND, SHOW RESPECT, HAVE PATIENCE, LEARN TO PAY REGARDS, RESPECT NEIGHBOURHOOD, BE HONEST, DON’T CHEAT, DON’T LIE, HELP NEEDY AND POOR & SO ON & ON),..............
We will still BE a very good Muslim and doors of Heavens will not close on us. 


  1. Beaut!
    Very thought provoking indeed.

    We all need a space among us, around us. It's just that we all are totally occupied either with hatred and hate-speech or with self praise.

  2. Jazakallah, that what we need in our generation this Thought now, so that our generation next will gain the pleasure of unity strength and may some of us who live long enough to taste the sweetness of UNITY, a request to every one please do share this wonder piece of work, Jazakkalah.

  3. Wow sir, that was deep. Some soul awakening journey. Thanks :)