Saturday, 23 March 2013


Lalay guess what, Ahmed got married .!!
Sesly ? Na kar yar …..kameenay nay bataya nae mje ..! So how did the ceremony go?
I don’t know, the news struck upon me yesterday when I logged onto my facebook account. Firstly I thought that it’s Ahmed, with his usual style of one month-one girl….:P
“We exchange smiles of Kameengi” And Shahnawaz continued;
But then I saw numerous comments of ‘Congratulations’ and realized that he actually got married. Plus the invitation card was laying in my inbox !!

On this I too realized that I haven’t been on facebook from weeks and my life might come to an end if I continued my ignorance to the prestigious social website.

Shahnawaz and Ahmed were my childhood friends. We were too close….and our bond was getting so tight day by day that we had to take a break when people started giving us strange nodes……and we heard a poet shouting    Ab itna b na chaho k dam nikal jae

We used to spend weekends together… fine weekend when I came back home, my mother was waiting for me right at my doorstep.
“Where the hell were you, koi sharam hai tm main, pori raat bahir guzar di

And for a moment I felt like being an 18 year old, young, sizzling, hot babe….whose mother is always worried for her izzat ki tajori. But then I quickly came back to the reality. An average boy …with ordinary looks with no sense of fashion and a personality sprinkled with bad manners and ever rolling tongue….throwing pinching and at times colorful ….melodious words of typical Punjabi abusive language.
“Oh come on. Why do you have to worry about me, no one has to do any thing with me, and even by mistake if some one gets onto me, he would curse the time when he thought of it, and if it’s the other sex …she….then I would be more grateful to her :P ”

Though I never had the courage to utter the later cheaper part of my thoughts.

But right now, here on this piece of writing, let us just focus on Ahmed’s bride.

So on Shahnawaz’s alarm, I rushed onto my desktop, quickly logged onto my facebook account, saying so …‘quickly’, it still took an entire 20 minutes effort to do that. Yes my old Pentium 4, full of Trojan viruses which always had to be restarted atleast once for normal operation, and then the ever ‘fast and furious’ Qubee internet connection.

Connecting ………….connecting…………!!

And my mother called in …….beta khana kha lo aa kar
And we all know ….Ma k hath ka khana,  umm yumm

It took me around 15 minutes to hasten the entire meal inside, came back to my room and to my highest level of patience test.

Connecting ………….connecting……….!

But finally it connected. And there I was 87 likes, around 141 comments, many many congradulations and what not. And yes the couple …standing, smiling at each other, holding hands and probably vowing in their hearts for ever lasting relationship.

Awwww how cute.

And then I heard someone saying …..’what are you doing’
I ??
Well am just looking at my friend and his bride. I simply replied.
What ….sharam kar yar. Bhabi hai teri.

Yes I know that. But I haven’t placed this picture. Ahmed wants every one to see this, he wants us to see his bride. Or he could have simply placed in his own picture. Now come on just shut up and let me focus.

After putting a close eye on the couple, I commented

MA SH ‘ALLAH both of you are meant for each other, A decent couple indeed. Congratulations bro”

And while doing soo, Shahnawaz’s words echoed in my ears;
‘Beta bandi fit hai wesay
Wait a minute, come on, don’t just start judging me. Remember it’s the bride we are focusing on right now. I know many of you are going to put forward logics, accusing me of indecency, advising others to be like a true friend and close your eyes when your friend puts on his brides’ pictures on social websites. But from inside you all know that this isn’t how it works.

No one closes his eyes. And why should they??

After all you guys are putting in so much efforts, by taking and uploading all those pictures on facebook, it does requires an effort. And yes you want people to see your Bride, isn’t it?. You want them to comment and like your bride, to admire her looks. So that the next day you can come out proudly with your choori chati, in between your friends with the feeling that you have a pretty wife. And how would they know unless you public her.

I want to say here lot more than this, so that the concerned, might get thori si sharam. But I think that for those who have the slightest element of wisdom will understand, others would simply judge me back. I truly believe that our religion tells us to be respectful to our women. Islam tells us to be kind to them and give them respect. And what do you think, putting their pictures on social websites where everyone can see, judge them and admire their beauty, is respectful?

Respect your bride (your women), don’t public them for your own publicity.


  1. Although this post actually relates to the very weak religious side of me, but that is not how things work anymore. You should meet the people I've met. I cannot argue on the logic of being LIBERAL against conservative, but I believe, if you upload your brides photograph on a social network, you must have really good friends, or if not, really weak morals. Besides my friend, if only the THOUGHTS seem provocative, who's to say that your FRIENDS wont have them in their heads when they actually meet your wife, in person.......

    There's a very bipolar solution/rationale to this, and in this day and age of the GRAY area world, I doubt if any of us is capable of that anymore. For the record, I didn't put up my fiance's pictures over social media, but I do intend to post one of us after getting married. Only if she wont object. Purpose of which is not to whore her away to the public, but to show that yes, we made it, we accept each other and we vow to live this life.

    Lastly, I want to drive that mercedes in my neighbors parking. But I cant. That doesn't necessarily mean that the mercedes is a shit car. Or that the neighbor is an asshole. It just means that I want something that I cant have. So either I have to battle it out with my own brain, straighten its shit out, or start having orgasmic dreams of driving it around, its solely up to me. Mastering the head. Peace with in. Genuine appreciation and love. And thats about the end of it.


  2. So i believe all you want to say is that Muslims should probably grow up, and we should master our head not our actions based on our teachings. Its all about accepting what Islam has taught us, reasons are many , above of them. Yes i won't start writing here about whom our women can meet and in front of which in particular they have to curtail themselves. Because that is known to us. We follow it or not, thats the other part of the story. But the lowest level can be, which i always believe is, that you do it or not, atleast accept it. You see your intention is based only on what you think and what objection you wife might have......i fear that it should have been based on what objections ALLAH S.W.T might have. This is not a war , nor any one is interested in the fact that you vowed something with your fiance and you won the world war, for me, it should be something personnel, for only those two who vowed to be together. Relationship of husband and wife is quite sacred and we should behold its respect. I already knew that this kind of writing might offend many ....but indeed am happy that you came up with your own thoughts. Personally i am too poor in following these lines too but all i believe is, or least we can do is to have the courage to accept that yes this is something wrong which we do. Basically its all about mastering the head. peace within our believes and genuine appreciation and love for ALLAH S.W.T. And thats about the end of it. Cheers.