Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sir te topi ,te niyyat khoti ....Part 2.

continued from previous............

The moment the needle clicked 13:30 we all stood up for SALAH.  
Who will stand in front as IMAM?
We don’t have a proper MASJID with paid IMAM in our office, instead our management has been kind enough to provide us with a praying area and IMAM on volunteer basis……….well we had to find one at every SALAH.
Democracy rules now jerks!
 It was not only me pondering over this, but for few seconds I saw everyone scanning Everyone!
It was a usual process of being scanned. At that particular moment I always found myself filled with guilt. I did have a wish of stepping out and performing IMAMAT, but never had the courage to do so. Every day, ……..this was the place where I felt myself as a third grade citizen. It was like suddenly you find yourself on stage with spot light right on you, theatre……….…house full
 Pin drop silence……
 With all eyes fixed on you…..
 And there you stand……………………..totally Naked!
May be it was my own assumption. May be they don’t know about my sins. May be they don’t know about ashi…nelophar…jenny…..annie….mennie…tenniee…..ohhhh Annie you are so hot…I mean HOT!!
“ALLAH O AKBAR ….ALLAH O AKBAR”……someone was reciting TAKBEER. Finally we found the right man for IMAMAT.
And guess who?
Yes, the guy with the longest beard. And the one with second longest beard was reciting TAKBEER. Together we had found our most pious and righteous guys.
MOULANA SAHAB, the righteous guy..haina?
“Abdullah get on with the beard and come on lead us”. Yes I was just one beard away from being the most righteous guy, the most innocent …….like a newly born child. Thought the child doesn’t have a beard! But he is innocent…..sinless.
And what about Annie, her hotness, our magnificent dates those last dark seats of atrium, where you are always concentrating less on movie and more on MOVIE!
“Don’t worry about it yar, your beard will conceal all of it ” I told myself
“And what if the IMAM SAHIB is having an Annie too. Wow isn’t that cool. No I mean isn’t that HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…!”

P.S: I just want to make it clear that I am not against keeping beard. No not at all. Rather I love it. I truly believe that keeping beard is following noble SUNNAH of Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W. Instead I just want to express my feeling over the fact that as a nation our direction is not right..not at all. It is so unfortunate that our understanding of ISLAM is so poor when it comes to the implementation of ISLAMIC teachings in our daily lives. We believe more on things which are visual to us, and forget that ISLAM has more to do with moral and spiritual values followed by practice of our learning in true letter and spirit. Avoiding back biting, fraud, false statements, earning of inappropriate profit, hating others, judging others, considering others to be more kafir  and yourself as the most MUTAQI on earth, hurting others, using others, being mean, selfish, treacherous and what not.
Only having Annie around you is not the only sin. And please this statement is not a ticket of proving that Annie is not a sin. Let us forget her for heaven sake!
To cut the story short…….daikho bhai signal torna be gunnah hai !

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sir te topi , te niyyat khoti

Are you one of those who always find it difficult to develop loving affair with their office bosses and working environment!
Same case here :P
 Despite of a long working career by now, I have still failed to understand or learn how to be in good books of my bosses. I seriously don’t understand “Boss ko patatay kaisay hain yar”!!
   Every time when I feel that am doing good and people are happy around me, a clock in my mind starts tickling hard, and I feel that every passing second is nearing my annual leave. So somehow I gather the entire strength, take a deep breath, hold my neck high and
 “Excuse me sir”
And before boss’s slow and obsolete processor could interpret what I have just said, I enter his office, assuming that the answer would definitely had been
“Yes, come in”!
Today, yet again, it was the day…finally am going to ask him for a leave! And my ever wish of a leisure trip to northern areas, with an amazing group which am sure am going to find and in that too I
Northern areas, ye chez !
will meet someone whom I had always seen in my dreams ……just like in movies….wow….Bullshit!!
It was my boss.
“What kind of bullshit is this”!
“Abdullah, I think you should look into this. Ahmed is new and he is not getting things right! Next week the foreign delegation is coming and we need to get ourselves geared up”!
‘Yes Sir ’, I could not say anything else.
While working on that ‘Bullshit’ which my boss assigned me to clean up for him, I was wondering that how on the earth he came to know that am planning for a leave.
‘He definitely knew it, and had nothing better than this crap to do away with my little wish of leave’….ohhhh my love, again I failed to reach you!
And now what am going to tell people around me who often ask me, ‘aur bhai…shadi wadi kar li k nae?’
‘Nae yar, bas abi talash e gumshuda jari hai’, my pet answer with a stupid smile.
And at this moment I realized that how much I hate doing work.
Any how I did not have enough time and was to submit my work before the day ends, so I quickly turned on my laptop, placed on a serious and annoying look on my face, Plugged in my headphones into my laptop and there it goes
Besharam’ !
I just downloaded it the other day :P
At the interval, I didn’t have popcorns and drink but instead just like good and faithful Islami bhai, I went off for Salah(Namaz).
I saw my colleagues in the praying area, tired looks on their faces and shoulder tilted down as if they are carrying tones of load.
And of course my body language was not very different...............!:(
What .....?
You don’t expect me to be energetic and fresh after such hard work of 1:30 hr!:X

To be continued…………..