Sunday, 12 August 2012


16th Ramadan’s evening it was. 
We both went for the shopping of Eid. Roaming on Tariq road’s roads in fast.  Going in and coming out of various shops, staying inside for long not because we were confused that what to buy but only because shops were air conditioned.
Legs breaking. Minds frustrated. Backs aching. Empty stomachs. Dried throats. Annoyed of the fact that nothing is catching our heart and eyes together so that we’d get it straight away. Checking every outlet every dress which they contained but not getting anything of our taste.

He saying to me:  lets get yours first.

I, insisting: NO lets get yours first.

Finally, after the struggle of many hours. Where were we?  Dangled in between two choices. Which one to get?
He: yaar look its color is more good. Fit hai na?
Me: but its design is meagre. And look at this one its design is handsome. But yes its color is just nice.
He: (with sad face) so? Which one we should get? 
Me: which ever you say.
He: I asked you to come along so that you will decide. 
Me: alright lets get this one.
Buying kurta for him was really a tough job which consumed tons of the patience (the thing which we both lack: one of our similarity)
we left market and headed towards the venue which we decided for iftaar. We were stopped on the traffic signal. Roads were packed. Cars bumper to bumper. Every driver pouring out his anger and hunger on horn. Mercurial Bikers testing car driver’s patience. It seemed like every one was running out of time. One car which was ahead of us took a wrong turn without giving indicator.
He immediately made a break for it and said in anger: ‘rozy mai kya kahun mai ab isko’
Me: ‘kiun roza na hota tw kya kehty?’
He: ‘alkabaat sy nawazta or kya.’
Me: ‘very nice’
I, seated on the passenger seat looking all this hostility and thinking are they all in a bad tamper because they are with fast and in hurry to be on time for iftaar? And what is the real message of Ramadan?
I think – Patience and control. Patience in every aspect of life and control on our own self. Be it our anger, our tongue, our hands, our hunger, our thirst, our evil deeds, our rage, our rash acts, or anything which may deface our nama-e-amaal.

But. We are one month Muslims. We offer 5 times a day. Why? Because it’s Ramadan.
We try to recite as much Quran-e-pak as much we can. Why? Because it’s Ramadan.
We try to seek Allah’s forgiveness and happiness. Why? Because it’s Ramadan.
We avoid seeing, doing or saying ablazic bad things. Why? Because it’s Ramadan.

But what we have to do is, not to be part-time Muslim - Friday Jummu'ah Muslim or just Ramadan Muslims - but a proper Muslim, which consists of 5 daily prayers (not just pray Dhuhr Asr Maghrib and Isha on time, yes it also means battling your duvet to getup for Fajr), observe hijaab- recite regularly- pay zakat- feed the poor, look out for your neighbors and kin- go Hajj/Ummrah if you can afford - Fast – seek for forgiveness and guidance - control your conscious- be kind be humble- avoid evilness. Do good as much as you can.
Because it’s not a pick and choose thing.

- Remember ALLAH PICKS and CHOOSES, we HEAR and OBEY -
no shortcuts.