Friday, 7 October 2016

War On Terror?

There are very rare chances that you wake up every morning and from your home to office and back, you don’t come across this word atleast once. It seems like suddenly everyone in the world is after ‘terrorists’. Yet  I am lay-man, a common man, ‘AAM ADMI, DHARYALA ka DEHATI’, my low capacity brain, is unable to digest that. Yes, when you are gross and naïve you think from your stomach and digest from you brain. All this crap is making my brain to start digesting everything I gallop. I fail to understand that a trillion population of the world is after few thousand terrorists and their few leaders and they still can’t get hold of them. Despite of its low capacity, my brain is very stingy when it comes to forgetting things, so it doess’t. Its like’Mahallay ki auntie’, you mess with it once and it will never forget that incident. So recalls when I first heard this word, after 9/11. At that time I was young and energetic and wise as this grouse word didn’t exist at all in my dictionary. That was the time when I thought that the world might go anti-clockwise and donkeys might start flying. U.S so called the leading country in development and having honoury medal of bombing and killing millions of people in WWs and aftermath of WWs, was brought down on its kness by few crazy heads. WTC supposedly one of the tallest concrete building, a symbol of modern day architecture and civil engineering works turned to ashes by mad planes roaming around in blue skies of U.S like tiny little toy drones and once out battery came crashing down on that building. And like the people knew what will happen and were waiting for it from ages, WTC bowed down to God to thank away for as if its childhood dream came true. If you drop down the size at proportionate level, its like smashing a dinky car against a dog house and bringing the entire house down into ashes. What a clumsy little episode it was, by the way some of the greatest fiction the world ever produced came after that. U.S came quick onto it, it seems that camel riding people were fed up and thought to ride something more fancy and once tired smashed it down.
Image resultAnd then the little tiny word ‘terrorist’ found its appreciators. After being ignored from its birth it was finally its day to shine bright. So it did. It went on knocking down countries after countries and nations after nations. Most astonishingly my first RAM of brain blew up when I realized that these terrorist are Muslims and those being killed are Muslims. And what was happening before that? Muslims were still being killed by so then not Muslims. But those Not-Muslims were never called terrorists. But when Muslims started killing Muslims, Muslims became terrorist. This blew up nearly my entire motherboard and my brain started doing job of stomach in early half of its real worth. So my body became over employed in some places and under employed in other. Total chaos.
During my childhood I was a very patient kid. But still if somebody hit me, I hit him back. For people around me it looked fine that I defended myself and the kid who was first to strike always got punished no matter what lame reason he digged up, ‘Maam he farted’!
But now they tell me that world has changed and developed. So now we don’t hit back, we have patience now. If someone ‘you can never be this someone’, hits at your home you can’t hit back. No, you can’t shout, because it is a technological world and you will not have any media to raise voice. So he will hit you back again and keep hitting you until you do not give up whatever he wants, your home, cloths, toys, books, mom and dad, sister and brother, may be your arm, some of your fingers, a short blow on your head, may be one of your limbs or right leg…..anything. And if some how if you hit back, you are a TERRORIST. I need to rush to flush out as my stomach is employed off time in intestine work.
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