Sunday, 17 July 2011


Finally he was back in his room after a tiring briefing with the executives of his company, he was highly admired for his research and presentation on the task assigned. He entered his room with a smile on his face, which he had from last half an hour. He was happy and contented for that all the hard work he placed in got rewarded and finally he was to board for Kuwait, the very next morning. Placing his lenevo note book on his bed, he didn’t bother to change or even to take his shoes off and threw himself in air. The suspension was short and in a second he was laying on his bed. He thought of sharing the good news with his dad, ........
"he surely will be excited too".
 His hand went into his side pocket for the search of his cell phone, all his actions were being driven by some natural force, a force which a father always share with his son for the bond that had always existed in a father’s and son’s relationship. He opened the contact list and scrolled down through the numbers, but then for a second he stopped, smiled on his ownself and nodded his head
“why am I going through all the list, I know my dad’s number”
“034528…..”he articulated the digits in a low tone while dialing
“I guess I should first tell him that the project faced a big refusal and then, am going to get him with a big surprise by telling him the news other way round”
He told himself while the bell echoed in his ears, how hard it is to control the last moments when you are to tell such news of excitement to your loved ones. You smile continuously, with heart beating like a drum and pumping boiling blood all over your body, you feel like flying high and wish if you ever had wings.
“tooont………toooont ………..”the tone of call continuously echoing
The exhilaration was now flowing out from his body and filled the entire space with an air of glee and delight.
His right foot was continuously moving back and forward with little strikes and jerks silently filling the arena with drum beat, a beat which has no sound, but feeling of rhythm and music.
The clock didn’t strike the next hour, and his feet were no more on the drums, heart drowning slowly into some darkened cave, the aroma of excitement and joy which filled the entire room became odorless. He loosened the grip on his phone which slipped out of his hand and lay on his bed.
“the number you have dialed is not responding at the moment, please dial later”
He closed his eyes and a drop of tear paved its way down to his cheek.
“I wish I could have told you this, I wish you had lived little more, ...little more to hear this.....i soo wanted you to see this ......
Dad I miss you”
His silence whispered these words in air, silence, as the voice could never reach his father.



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