Saturday, 18 June 2011

LIFE ....??

(the underwritten lines have been extracted from the writer's article, MY LIFE) 

   The four lettered word, life, though it is short as the life itself but its deep and intricate. I had always been very keen about writing articles and stories, working with pen has always been one of my greatest passion but yet not the only one. I always thought that swirls of pen on a piece of paper are the preeminent way of defining your thoughts and feelings. But despite of all this, when I was told to write an article encircling my life, I was quite bedazzled, and for a week I could not gather myself to write about it, for not because I feared the ink of pen but because whenever I wrote something I enriched it with my true feelings and thoughts and since I had this firm believe of imperfection in attributes of human behavior, I feared that I might translate such nodes of my life which might not carry an impression of morality.            
  I had always wondered about the real meaning and purpose of life, read many theories and quotations but none satisfied my longing. And then it was AL-QURAN who came upon my rescue and I learned from the words of my creator, the supreme commander of the universe, that life is a continuous struggle, to differentiate the right from the wrong, bad from good, evil from virtuous and there indeed defining and building up your own path to heaven.
               How often it is that we stimulate life incorrectly. Children are always taught and infused their purpose of life as becoming a doctor, an engineer, a renowned accountant or a military officer, but how many are taught this lesson of life, the bitter but true picture of life that this world and the life here is fake and has an end, the time scale of which is in the hand of none but ALLAH ALLMIGHTY. So this is how I begin here, with my way of defining life, and this is how I live my life, struggling to determine the right from wrong and giving my utmost to flutter the flag of truth, which needs not to be defined to me as it already has been, the book of guidance for which is AL-QURAN.


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