Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The DIRTY Writing...!!

Viewers mai iss waqt Karachi k aik masroof tareen ilaqay mai hun, yahan jis^m faroshi karnay wali khuwateen rehti hain aur hussan ka bazaar b yahan khob garam rehta hai. Ham MASLA KIA HAI ki ye special episode aap k liye lay kar ae hain k aap ko batain k aap ki society mai kia kuch hoo raha hai
“Hahaha, Oe is ko tw yeh kehna chahiye tha k ham MASLA KIA HAI ki ye special episode aap k liye lay kar ae hain takay aap ko pata chalay k zarorat parnay par jana kahan hai.”
Umer, my brother said this narrowing his eyes on the 30 inch televison screen on which Uzma ejaz, a totally unattractive anchor was doing all her best to make her show an attractive one. I was amazed on the topic which was chosen for the show and was shocked at the same time that the Administration of Dawn News can go down to such a pathetic level to sell out their product and catch the viewers. However if this was what Uzma and Dawn News thought, then Yes they were successful.
At least she caught me and Umer.
My middle finger which was on remote control of my DABBA television got stuck on Dawn News. Well do not think over that why the middle finger was operating the remote control, instead why Dawn News and why on hearing such dialogue from Uzma Ejaz.
It was not because it was something new for me, as we all know that since the advent of mankind such deeds are persistent in almost every society, at some places hidden and at the other open to all. I was rather curious that
“How the hell I don’t know the………………………the place
“Where the mouse have you been living Abdullah”
I wondered.
It was not that I am interested in such kind of places; well you might hardly believe that.
But that’s true.
It’s the fact that it was interesting, in a sense that I had been living in this metropolitan city from last 23 years but I never came across such place.
“You have wasted your entire teenage you stupid man”
Something whispered in my left ear.
“Shut up, don’t listen to his bullshit”, something whispered in my right ear.
And then Uzma again caught my attention;
“acha aap batain ap iss gandi jaga par rehti hain aur ye kaam b karti hain tw aap kesay manage karti hain? Aap ko dar nae lagta k aap ko koi bemari b hoo skti hai? Safe sex k baray mai kuch pata hai apko”
She was talking to one of the leading Prostitute of that area;
“nae ji, ye gandi jaga nae hai, ab tw yahan doctor sahib aa gaye hain aur safe sex k tareekay ham sab ko bataye hain. Ham tw ji pehlay hi clear kar deti hain k Cond*m k begair nae ho ga, jo ho ga Cond*m k sath ho ga, ALLAH ka shukar hai ji apni mehnat karti hain aur safai tw ji adha imaan hai na ji”
“hahaha” Umer blasted out his laughter
My ears got red, and I felt my face getting hot, quickly my middle finger scrolled the remote control and as if I knew that right at the very moment
“Manhos sath chor gaya
Desperately I jumped out of the sofa like if something had pinched me under, ran towards the T.V and finally switched It OFF. I scanned T.V lounge to see the presence of my mother and sister, on finding none, I felt my heart pumping again which for an instance I thought had quit doing that.
“oe wesay bol kia rai thi ye, kia use kartay hain” I asked my brother
And the T.V lounge roared with our laughter.                    

P.S: I truly understand that the topic isn’t hilarious instead is quite sensitive one. But such episodes and programs do not bring any change in the society. Like the above episode, it actually educated masses that "where you will find one when needed". I personally believe that media has a strong role especially in our society where people hardly bother to read; they are strongly influenced and controlled by the media. Slowly such elements are being introduced in our society through media, poisoning our social and religious values. BE AWARE. 

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