Saturday, 27 August 2011


Peace, is it a real solution ??
I never intended scrabbling the nib of my pen on my note pad, transforming ink into words which were to projectile into a writing which to some might meant nothing but a path which leads to such dark holes where one might not find any ray of hope and joy. But my fury rose to such level of cataclysm that I had no other option but to be a subservient of my thoughts. I came back home after a long time for a short period of time and found fire and smoke rolling in eyes of every common man around me. I was restless, for that my entire subordination of will, desires and life for my land is doing nothing fruitful. Worried and stressed, for every drop of innocent blood which drops on this land, I tuned in t.v and thought of having currency of the situation. Scrolling down through the channels I got my attention caught by the news caster of Geo news. The news being shown was of salman khan’s new movie Body guard. It was a kind of promo of his movie, such promos which have been a part of our media’s new strategy under the so called campaign of “Aman ki Asha”.
Apart from what harm this campaign is bringing about in our societal values and youth, as that is not the scope of this discussion neither I want to sound a pessimist, rather my concern is just about this so much uttered and discussed word from almost half of a decade, PEACE.
To find an answer I went to the very beginning of the advent of mankind into this world. Since the creation of man in heavens and refusal of Satan to bow and accept Hazrat Adam A.I as a superior, the good and evil got their birth and thus the war began……between forces of evil and good will. Since the very first day till to date their never had been a complete peace, man has always been fighting around the globe, drove by the same forces of good and evil and we all know that the stronger of these survived and the weaker, victimized. Human beings always had two wings, both opposing each other and thus the fight continue and it will continue till the expiry of this world. There only can be one condition in which there can be an eternal peace, the supremacy of one of the wing over the other in such a way that the victim could never raise or think of opposing the vanquisher. You have to decide your place in one of the wing…good or evil, so what are you going to do, either you will join the stronger of them be it any for your survival or you will join the good ones and strive to make it superior.
The world has entered into a new era where the fight after going throw many forms has transformed into many faces, Power politics, media warfare, economic monopoly, intelligence games and the cry for bringing about the peace. We see that the nation so called the world super power is out all large on the mission of bringing about the peace but has caused more killings and sufferings than ever, victimizing only the weaker nations. It is just like being in a fool’s paradise and dreaming about peace which can never be until you make yourself strong enough to defend. The call for peace is just like doses of chloroform, drugging deep into our veins, pampering us to take and nap till a time when the enemy will be on our heads, banging our doors and their we will we…..watching SALMAN’S KHAN, BODY GUARD.
Do you remember, there was once upon a time KASHMIR banay ga PAKISTAN. Where have those slogans gone…that cry and promises of unity gone? Died under the songs of BODY GUARD. It’s been a long time since ANGAAR WADI was last telecasted as now its time for watching BODY GUARD in a 3-D cinema with you girl friend. Every day your Muslim mothers, brothers and sisters are being slaughtered and hammered and where are you? Busy in updating your status. And yes am sure that you are so busy that after reading first 3- 4 lines of this writing you will close the browser down, as it’s not amusing or thrilling. But I can’t let this go for some one has to shout for all those who are suffering, some one has to resist. I decide to join the good wing, what is your decision?

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