Wednesday, 14 December 2011



“Wow! What a view, incredibly huge.” I said to myself. 
Great Wall of China was in front of me. A view, I had always seen on calendars and sceneries, was right there, in front of me. Thousands of narrow and tall stairs outlined by iron grills and small brick walls which helps a person in taking support while climbing the stairs, leads to the top of the great wall from where clouds pass by touching our face and a place from where we can see the beautiful sight of Beijing city.

“Its 1.00 pm, you all have to get on your buses by 4.00 pm. Please don’t get lost as it will become very difficult for us to search you” –Ben (delegation leader) roared.
 It was 15 degree centigrade at that time in Beijing. I tied up my scarf, zipped up my upper, inserted my shades inside my shoulder bag and took out my companion of the whole journey from the pocket of my jeans—Camera. Around 100 members of the delegation were divided into three groups; each group was supervised by 2 Chinese leaders. I was in group 2 and my group leaders were Johnson and Frank. Frank was hot and was liked by all girls including me. But my isolated nature did not allow me to be easy going with Frank. He was young, cute, sweet, and frank like his name.
 I started climbing the stairs clicking loads of pictures of each view from every angle.Having no one known around as all delegates got scattered and were roaming around with their group of friends. This thing made me more excited. After climbing many stairs, I started to get hypoxic, thirst of water made it worse. I stopped and tried to breathe normally, searched for my water bottle but to my disappointment, I had forgotten that bottle in the bus. I stayed there and waited for any familiar face so that I could ask them for a bottle of water.

  After a while, I saw frank and Jainy(my delegation group mate) coming up the stairs, they both saw me and waved. I waved back and when they came closer, I asked them for water. Frank took out his sealed mineral water bottle out of his shoulder bag, gave it to me and said I can keep it. I thanked him and they moved on. I opened up the bottle, threw the wrapper without thinking that I’m littering around and started drinking water.
 They both were still in frame of my vision.Jainy had a packet of chips in her hand which she was about to throw right there exactly like me. It seemed like frank’s body got an electric shock. He didn’t wait a second and got hold of Jainys’ hand and took that wrapper from her and inserted it in his pocket.
 They were a couple of steps ahead of me; I didn’t hear what he said to her and what she replied. In fact, for a second, I was deaf to every sound. I was feeling guilty and shameful as I stood there like a statue. Intentionally or unintentionally, I bended down to take that wrapper up and rotated my neck in all humanly possible angles but found not a single wrapper on the floor.
 ‘Safai nisf Iman hai’ someone whispered in my right ear.
I was more ashamed on that statement. 
Saying of OUR beloved prophet, teachings of OUR religion, but implemented by other people and nations?
 We lack the ability to own our own inheritance and values.
‘By now I will implement on this Hadith of my prophet’; I promised to myself, not huge but it will bring some very little change at least.
As Something is better than nothing.


  1. about a couple of days back a reply to my status, few asked me that where to start from and that how the change can be brought in our society .....!
    I would not talk high, about politics, corruption , hard work , integrity , honestly , ..bla bla bla
    answer is quite simple ...
    just be a HUMAN BEING ....